Want to build journey maps for your customers? Just follow their footsteps.

Customer journey mapping can be a useful tool for organizations as they implement an omnichannel approach to customer engagement. However, like the customer journeys themselves, mapping is a complex endeavor that involves data integration, data analytics, and data visualization—capabilities that can be found in an omnichannel customer engagement platform like USAN’s Metaphor Engage. A customer... Read More

An Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Many companies today acknowledge that the customer experience is the business differentiator in their industry. As a result, contact center directors are focused on improving the customer experience by adopting omnichannel and increasing digital self-service options. At the same time, however, the customer service landscape is growing increasingly complex, making it difficult to achieve these... Read More

The Hybrid Customer Contact Center

In the last post, I talked about the Big Buckets. One bucket holds transactional (self-service) events. One contains interactional (live-agent) events. And the third is home to the hybrids: events that are both transactional and interactional. That third bucket—let’s call it the blended bucket—could soon be the biggest bucket as more and more companies adopt... Read More