Workforce Management’s Got Game

Here’s what motivates employees. Reward. Competition. Recognition. Achievement. That’s not me talking: that’s the behavioral scientists and the workplace experts. No need to cite sources, since everyone agrees. Gamification helps with all of that. By that, I mean, an environment where day-to-day efforts receive day-to-day recognition and reward. This comes especially into play in the... Read More

This Year (with WFM) Everybody Gets a Raise

That’s right: I’m spending your money. But you won’t mind . . . if you’ve got a first-tier WFM solution in place. Here’s why. Start with your agents. The goals here include improving call handling performance, and motivating and retaining agents. WFM systems help achieve those goals with smarter scheduling, gamification and continual coaching. Lifestyle... Read More

Smart Scheduling Improves Motivation and Productivity

Productivity and motivation go hand in hand in the call center. Or at least they should. Too often, both are missing in the call center, or one shoves the other aside. One of the obstacles to bringing those together is scheduling. It’s a kind of Goldilocks dilemma: how do you get it just right? How... Read More

Hosted WFM: Gamification and Mobility Features from Teleopti and USAN

Developed by Teleopti and hosted by USAN, the recently released WFM version 8 includes more than 100 improvements over the previous release, making it a truly groundbreaking WFM solution. Among those powerful new features are gamification, through which agent engage in fun, game-like competition that boosts motivation and rewards measurable performance, and mobility, which includes... Read More

Workforce management solutions in the cloud leverages human capital

Workforce Management software helps contact centers get the most value out of their workforce. The ability to schedule call center personnel and monitor their performance are huge advantages, but perhaps the biggest benefit of Workforce management software is the analytics capability that gives contact center managers clarity in their operation and provides direction for improvement. Read More

Workforce Management and Getting Everyone to Row Together

Workforce Management software helps contact center managers get call center agents rowing the boat together for better performance and better customer service. Read this article to see how workforce management software, previously a manual and flawed process, can become an automated dream come true for call centers looking to improve efficiency and customer service levels. Read More