Donny Jackson

Donny-JacksonSince 1992 Donny Jackson has helped USAN establish itself as the industry leader in automated customer service. He is the preeminent expert in IVR technology, having overseen the design and implementation of thousands of complex service automation applications for numerous Fortune 100 companies.

As senior vice president of software development, Donny oversees IVR software development, technical consulting, business analysis, and project management. Mr. Jackson’s 20 years with USAN has included providing state-of-the-art speech and touchtone IVR applications to financial institutions, automobile companies, collection agencies, brokerage firms, healthcare companies and telecommunications providers.

Prior to USAN, Donny developed one of the first PC-based CAD systems for Byers Engineering, a technical services firm in the telecom and utility industries. He was also a software programmer for National Data Corporation, then one of the world’s largest credit card processing houses.

Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Eastern Kentucky University.