Financial Services Customer Engagement Means Customer Empowerment

Whether checking balances, transferring funds or paying bills, customers want to be able to access accounts any time of day, from anywhere, without relying on customer service call centers. Offering multiple channels through which customers can make inquiries and conduct transactions enhances self-service, and saves both the company and the customer time. Read More

Process over Premise: Cloud-Based Call Centers

The driving force behind cloud-based technology, in general, is to address the market by adapting with agility to new trends and consumer demands. Considering that innovations in technology are frequently coming out in a cloud based format, many businesses with call centers find that cloud-based technology has this key advantage: integrating applications seamlessly, while accommodating... Read More

Call Center Software Provides Customer Service Metrics

Emphasis on call time and time to resolution yields rushed, impersonal interactions according to Zappos, a popular online shoe and apparel shop. Instead, Zappos has found a way to measure and reward behaviors that impact customer satisfaction most. It’s worked for them. But would their modern day performance metrics work for your business? Read this... Read More

3 Alternatives to Contact Center Monitoring

People get used to using information their call center monitoring tools provide them, rather than getting creative and either developing or purchasing what we really need. Beyond creating yet another custom report that adds your boss’s favorite KPIs, it's time to shift strategies to maximize your time and improve your visibility into business performance. Ian... Read More

Next Generation Contact Centers: Getting Social Right

Social media holds enormous potential, but the sheer volume of information along with customers’ higher expectations means that there are huge pitfalls ahead for companies that make social media mistakes. Next generation contact centers can help your company get social right. Read More

Call Center Solutions: Trends to Watch

Today’s customers expect to interact with companies on a variety of platforms—phone, e-mail, chat, text, and social. As customers’ expectations have changed, call center solutions have grown increasingly sophisticated. This article provides a few call center trends to watch. Read More