WFM Cost Savings in the Cloud

A Look into the Cost Advantages of WFM in the Cloud I want to talk a little about some of the lesser-known ways a Cloud WFM system—like Teleopti’s—saves money. But I thought a quick refresher about how WFM in the Cloud works, would be allowed. Rather than install your WFM system on your own premises,... Read More

WFM Cloud – Looking Under the Hood

The Cloud has gained acceptance as a solid, reliable platform: for some things at least. There’s still resistance, especially when it comes to running critical business applications in the Cloud. That resistance hits on many points: security, performance and availability being among the critical ones. Maybe the most critical concern, though, is that the functionality itself... Read More

Keep it Simple in the Cloud with WFM

Running WFM in the Cloud makes many things simpler for call centers. Here are just a few of the ways it does that. No Hardware First is the gear. There is none. You don’t have to worry about the load on your existing computing systems, you don’t have to worry about processor upgrades, increasing disk... Read More

WFM Cloud Benefits Revealed

Today, the Cloud has matured, and the shape it’s finally taken is not exactly the same as the early hype. In this respect it’s not unlike how the web evolved. Remember the Big Phrase for the early, wide-eyed-wonder days of the web: “the level playing field”? It looked like that didn’t it? Everyone could put... Read More

Rich and useful reporting is a must for a WFM solution.

Rich and useful reporting is a must for a Workforce Management solution. The key phrase is “rich and useful.” Every WFM vendor provides some kind of reporting module, but they’re not all created equal—not all of them are either rich or useful. One of the reasons for weak reporting modules is the raw economics of... Read More

What the Experts Say About Customer-Centric Quality Monitoring

As contact centers continue to expand customer interaction channels with an eye toward improving the customer experience, many are finding that traditional quality monitoring processes also need to evolve. Michael Gregorio, director of product management at USAN, joins a panel of industry experts in offering advice and explaining best practices for agent self-evaluation, QM scoring... Read More

No Doubt About IVR in the Cloud

Within our IVR community, there are still doubts and misgivings about the Cloud. People worry about its reliability and performance, the loss of control, the quality and security of their system. They worry about all these things. But they shouldn’t. Read More

Who Should Drive the Omnichannel Initiative: BP or IT?

Often, when moving to a new technology model—such as the omnichannel—a conflict can appear between IT and Business Process Management. We’re involved right now in a significant omnichannel initiative that’s found the right balance between the two. We share some of that story here. Read More

The Value of Managed IVR vs DIY IVR

When does it make sense to consider letting a Managed Services organization handle your IVR? The answer lies in your own organization. Do you have the right amount of people, equipment and other resources you’ll need to maintain a first-quality system? Read More

Learn to Use All―Not Just Some―of Your WFM

Are you using as much of your WFM as you could? Often, the answer is “no.” The reason? People learn the mechanics of using a system, but not the concepts behind it. And without that knowledge, they can’t apply the kind of critical thinking that makes the most of WFM—and that delivers the highest ROI. Read More

How to Sell Omni-Channel Internally

If you’re part of the vanguard that’s trying to bring your company into an omnichannel, we have a lot in common. We’re both involved with selling the idea. We have a secret to share with you—a way to break down the conflicting individual and organizational agendas that obstruct the effort. You have to control the... Read More

Buyer Be Aware: A Guide to Buying IVR

If you’re thinking IVR, chances are you’re thinking of first-time installation, replacing what you have, or maximizing the return on your existing system. We’ve put together an eBook to help with all three. It’s called Press or Say Success: An IVR Buyer’s Guide for the 21st Century. It’s a no hype, no promo, no nonsense... Read More

Gamification Means Playing to Win

When you set up your gamification program, don’t focus on results. Focus on the process of call handling that leads to great results. That’s what you want to reward, and that’s how you help agents work better, not harder. Read More

Avoid an Omni-Channel Panic Attack

You’re lagging behind in omnichannel adoption: you and most other companies too. That’s bad news, but it’s good news too. There’s still time to catch up before you find yourselves in an omni-channel panic. Read More

IVR and the Freedom to Speak

The changing nature of how customers interact with you makes employing speech technology for your IVR more important all the time. The touchpad is become increasingly awkward. The good news is: there are different levels of IVR speech—so you’ll be able to pick the functionality that fits your customers’ needs and your budget. Read More

WFM Vacation: Put Lifecycle Scheduling in Place and Relax

Self service flexible scheduling—lifestyle scheduling—lets you help your agents blend their personal and professional lives. It opens the door to flexible shift scheduling, vacation planning, shift swapping and overtime management. That’s not possible with manual scheduling—too much drain on your managers. But it’s easy with the right WFM. Read More