Workforce management solutions in the cloud leverages human capital

Workforce Management software helps contact centers get the most value out of their workforce. The ability to schedule call center personnel and monitor their performance are huge advantages, but perhaps the biggest benefit of Workforce management software is the analytics capability that gives contact center managers clarity in their operation and provides direction for improvement. Read More

Hosted call center solutions in the cloud are rising to the occasion

Hosted call center solutions change the playing field to win-win. Hosted deployments mean your call center support system is placed in the hands of a reliable and reputable service provider who trims the fat and adds the muscle to your call center operation. And your only cost-center considerations are your monthly service charge, which has... Read More

Regarding Your IVR: You’re Doing it Wrong

Are you trying to process calls in your IVR as quickly as possible? Or limit the number of calls that go from the IVR software to a live customer service agent? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have news for you: You’re approaching your IVR solution all wrong. In an attempt... Read More

Multi-channel customer self-service is the ultimate shopping cart

Empowering customers to help themselves, and deflecting routine customer transactions from your busy call center staff is the obvious result of implementing customer self-service applications. But making this happen across channels is the key, and requires more than just willingness to improve the customer experience. Read this article to get ideas how multi-channel customer self-service... Read More

Workforce Management and Getting Everyone to Row Together

Workforce Management software helps contact center managers get call center agents rowing the boat together for better performance and better customer service. Read this article to see how workforce management software, previously a manual and flawed process, can become an automated dream come true for call centers looking to improve efficiency and customer service levels. Read More

IVR Gets a Bad Rap

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have long been easy targets of cheap shots, and the bad rap has been somewhat of a self-inflicted wound for businesses that have adopted poorly designed iterations. However, when IVR applications work, they work well and can make a major difference in your company's efficiency and the customer's experience. Read... Read More

Happy call center agents = happy customers

Can the customer's experience be a happier one if the call center agent is happy? Why not? This article explores what makes a call center agent happy and how that satisfaction can be transferred to the customer for an improved customer experience. Read More

Enhancing the customer experience in the cloud

Your on-premise contact center equipment is beginning to age, and there is a ton of great new integrated customer management technology that you've been reading about. You're at a crossroads: what do you do? Read this article to learn more about the difference between cloud abnd on-premise call center solutions and how it can positively... Read More