Creating a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels

How do successful companies provide a seamless experience for their customers across channels? With so many new communications channels and technology options - this is a more difficult proposition than ever before. Read this article to learn why a seamless experience can be a challenge to achieve, and to learn about USAN's solution for amazing... Read More

Improving the Customer Experience With Preferences

Customer preferences are becoming increasingly vital in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers prefer one channel for a certain type of interaction and other channels for different activities. Read this article to learn more about the value of customer preferences in driving loyalty and satisfaction. Read More

Why the Voice of the Customer is a Driver of ROI

Listening to the Voice of the Customer drives lowered cost and service improvements. Because customers want to interact with their preferred devices on their own time frame, companies have adopted a cloud-based call center model for agile service delivery that accommodates change. Read More

Utilities Customer Engagement: Still Many Challenges Ahead

Some utilities are improving customer engagement, but the number is surprisingly small. According to some surveys, only 9% of utilities have a clear view of the customers they service. How can you have great customer engagement if you don't understand customer expectations? Read this article to find answers that will help improve engagements with utilities... Read More

Customer Self Service: The Future is Now

Gearing customer service towards the next generation of customers has given some businesses a head start on tomorrow's marketplace. This doesn't mean that businesses are to forget about today's market and current customers. But the ability to anticipate what customers are going to want tomorrow gives businesses an edge on the competition. So what does... Read More

Smart Grid 2.0 Requires Utilities to Improve Customer Engagement

As utilities seek to update the smart grid to meet the demands of our digital economy there is an increased need for utility companies to improve customer engagement. Getting customers more engaged with their electricity usage can be a challenge, but some companies are finding success. USAN offers customer engagement solutions that contribute to this... Read More

Customers Want a Conversation

I just saw where Spencer Dean (@SpenceDean) of inContact (@inContact) posted “Do you collaborate with your customers?” on LinkedIn and referenced an article by Brandon Evans (@brandone) of CrowdTap (@Crowdtap). The article is entitled “Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want A Conversation” and I think it’s great. Read More

Financial Services Customer Engagement Means Customer Empowerment

Whether checking balances, transferring funds or paying bills, customers want to be able to access accounts any time of day, from anywhere, without relying on customer service call centers. Offering multiple channels through which customers can make inquiries and conduct transactions enhances self-service, and saves both the company and the customer time. Read More

Listening to the Voice of the Customer speaks volumes in ROI

As the economy begins improving, you are probably seeking tools to solidify your customer base and reach out for new business. Your existing resources in doing all that are most likely the usual eclectic mix of experienced people, backed up by an array of computer hardware and software that runs everything. In all those parts,... Read More

The Voice of the Customer is Clear: It’s Our Way or the Highway

Acting on change is hard, especially with entrenched business processes. Change is not something that comes easily to companies large enough to have significant investments in CRM, ERP, or other Enterprise-class platforms that are intended to enable superior customer experience. But USAN’s Customer Engagement platform uniquely enables this kind of rapid change in a significantly... Read More

How do I do “customer experience?”

Improving customer engagement means making your customer's perception of their interactions more positive—more likely to result in increased revenue, membership, market share, or whatever you're chasing. Start with your current bottom line metrics. You have to know where are you before you can tell what direction you're moving. This is key to any customer experience... Read More