Inspire Loyalty and Save Money with Great Customer Self Service

The internet, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and mobile apps have made self service a more efficient and cost effective option for many companies. Consider this. On average, it only costs a company $1 when a customer self serves as opposed to $10 for email service and $33 for a service phone call. That is... Read More

Affordable Care Act Focuses on Healthcare Customer Engagement

In the healthcare sector, customers are far less forgiving of negative experience than they are with the retail, banking, and utilities sectors. The implications of this reality coinciding with upcoming changes to reimbursements should not alarm healthcare service providers. That is, healthcare service providers with a well integrated customer engagement strategy. Read More

Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

Advances in technology along with consumers who expect better service and clearer communications are driving utilities to enhance and improve their customer engagement practices. And utilities are beginning to understand and capitalize on the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric approach in their processes. Read More

Process over Premise: Cloud-Based Call Centers

The driving force behind cloud-based technology, in general, is to address the market by adapting with agility to new trends and consumer demands. Considering that innovations in technology are frequently coming out in a cloud based format, many businesses with call centers find that cloud-based technology has this key advantage: integrating applications seamlessly, while accommodating... Read More

How to Provide Customer Service in Social Media Channels

Convinced social media servicing is an important initiative, customer experience management professionals are now looking for an answer to the question "How do I provide customer service in social media channels?" This article provides advice for companies looking for software to enable social media servicing. Read More

Customer Experience: Lost in the Information Shuffle

What if you had a choice between five or six companies that provide a particular product or service, but one company stood out because they truly knew you and treated you like an old friend, where you can pick up a conversation from a few weeks or even a month ago, as if no time... Read More

The Customer Lifecycle: Discover, Explore, Commit, Engage

Managing the customer life cycle today means service providers must manage customer relationships through a variety of touch points. But just establishing a presence in a channel is not enough: the quality of the interaction must be frictionless and satisfying to the end user. Read this article to learn more about Forrester research's thoughts on... Read More

Healthcare Customer Engagement Benefits from Framework

Research shows that patients who understand and take action with regard to their own health and healthcare decisions, have better health outcomes and may even have lower healthcare costs. Thus, it is imperative that healthcare providers embrace patient engagement. Read this article to learn about a new guide from the National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) that... Read More

A Dire Need for Customer Engagement in Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions came in last in the business industry category for consumer trust according to the Edleman Trust Barometer. Read this article to see why financial institutions struggle with engagement and discover one new method of improving customer engagement for financial consumers. Read More

Reduced Hospital Re-admits Achieved with Customer Experience Management

The crackdown on re-admissions is at the center of the Affordable Care Act’s effort to erase unnecessary care and slow Medicare’s spending. Customer experience management could be a crucial aspect to your hospital's bottom line. Read this article to learn more about how customer engagement for healthcare providers can improve the patient experience and drive... Read More

4 Requirements for Customer Self-Service Technology

Customer self-service capabilities provide your customers with the ability to get immediate service on their own, 24 hours a day, without picking up the phone. This has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, one of the toughest challenges small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face is convincing the guy with the checkbook to... Read More

Subway Social Media Snafu

This article over at, ""The case of the missing inch: Why don't all Subway 'footlong' subs measure up?" demonstrates a perfect example of a customer using a company's social media page to cause problems. Subway, the world's largest fast food chain with 37,000 locations, is facing criticism after an customer posted a picture on... Read More

2013 will be the year of Total Customer Engagement

2013 will be the year of Total Customer Engagement. Companies should refresh their way of thinking about customer engagement and put the customer at the center of their efforts. This article by Felix Velarde makes very interesting points about how companies can achieve the sea-change in thinking. Read More

Customer Self Service Goes Mobile

One of the big trends throughout 2012 in technology was the explosion of smartphones and tablets. These smaller devices allow consumers to access the internet from anywhere. Cutting edge companies are taking advantage of this surge to provide mobile apps that allow for customer self service. Helping the customer self serve improves productivity as well... Read More