Why good customer service is sometimes hard to find

Tad Thompson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was interviewed for this piece on customer service by Local 4 Detroit. In the article, Thompson explains how companies have improved customer service over time and how proactive service is the wave of the future. Read More

Threats to Cloud Call Center Security

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The Key to Big Data Success in an Omnichannel Contact Center

It’s easy to get caught up in the opportunities made possible by big data in the contact center. The information customers provide both explicitly and implicitly about their preferences and intentions can lead to valuable insights that improve how you engage with them. Once you start thinking outside the box, it seems there is no... Read More

Are you using Big Data to engage your Customers?

  Your organization’s contact center is a hotbed of data. Every interaction with the customer results in a wealth of information – some of it inferred, some of it explicitly stated – about the customer’s needs, wants and desires. This data offers organizations of all types and sizes an opportunity to take customer service to... Read More

Hosted call center solutions in the cloud are rising to the occasion

Hosted call center solutions change the playing field to win-win. Hosted deployments mean your call center support system is placed in the hands of a reliable and reputable service provider who trims the fat and adds the muscle to your call center operation. And your only cost-center considerations are your monthly service charge, which has... Read More

Optimizing the Contact Center/Call Center

Join USAN and CCNG on August 22nd to learn breakthrough strategies and techniques your contact center can use to exceed customer expectations, and raise performance standards. This unique seminar is designed for executives, managers and IT decision-makers of call centers who need to stay informed about the latest industry trends, best practices, and rapidly evolving... Read More

Happy call center agents = happy customers

Can the customer's experience be a happier one if the call center agent is happy? Why not? This article explores what makes a call center agent happy and how that satisfaction can be transferred to the customer for an improved customer experience. Read More

Enhancing the customer experience in the cloud

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Why the Voice of the Customer is a Driver of ROI

Listening to the Voice of the Customer drives lowered cost and service improvements. Because customers want to interact with their preferred devices on their own time frame, companies have adopted a cloud-based call center model for agile service delivery that accommodates change. Read More