IVR ROI: Generate Sales with a Smart IVR

Sales leveraging techniques with your IVR will transform it from a service-only channel into a strong sales channel. It’s ability to recognize caller profiles, follow business rules regarding how and where to route calls, and present both targeted and general offers are all IVR capabilities that many companies have yet to exploit. Read More

A Spring Cleaning for Your IVR

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a more sophisticated IVR system—maybe it’s IT spring cleaning time at your call center—it might be useful to have a quick summary of what the available levels of IVR are today. Today’s post lays that all out for you, and offers our best suggestion about how to determine which... Read More

AI Apocalypse – When IVRs Rule the Contact Center

Blockbuster sci fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, The Matrix and countless others thrilled audiences with futuristic technology that seemed so far away. But is fiction becoming reality? Recent discussion among some of the best technological and scientific minds around—people like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking—paints an apocalyptic picture of machines becoming... Read More

John, Paul, George, Ringo and IVR

What do the Beatles and IVR have in common? One thing people complain about with IVRs is the music they have to listen to during the long waits (but we know they’re really complaining about the wait itself). If you think about it, those IVR systems are really playing an endless loop of Beatles songs. Read More

Is Your IVR A Good Host?

When a call comes in, your IVR is like a conference host. It greets attendees, uncovers their needs, and handles as many issues as possible on the spot. When it can’t, it takes customers to the right booths and breakout sessions. Here are five of the reasons IVRs do a lousy job as host—and how they can... Read More

Why good customer service is sometimes hard to find

Tad Thompson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was interviewed for this piece on customer service by Local 4 Detroit. In the article, Thompson explains how companies have improved customer service over time and how proactive service is the wave of the future. Read More

The Omnichannel IVR Guru

In one of our internal seminars the other day, Donny Jackson, our Senior VP of Software Development, gave us a kind of point-to-point roadmap of how IVR is part of, and in many ways central to, omni-channel commerce architecture. I thought I’d share the main stops along the way with you. It begins with intelligent... Read More

Is Your IVR as Good as It Gets?

FIRST PRINCIPLE When IVR works well, customers love it—and often prefer it. When it doesn’t, they hate it. And far too often, it doesn’t work well. I know: tell you something you don’t know. To work well, your IVR system has to be smart. Smart IVR solutions never make you repeat information your customers have... Read More

Regarding Your IVR: You’re Doing it Wrong

Are you trying to process calls in your IVR as quickly as possible? Or limit the number of calls that go from the IVR software to a live customer service agent? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have news for you: You’re approaching your IVR solution all wrong. In an attempt... Read More

IVR Gets a Bad Rap

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems have long been easy targets of cheap shots, and the bad rap has been somewhat of a self-inflicted wound for businesses that have adopted poorly designed iterations. However, when IVR applications work, they work well and can make a major difference in your company's efficiency and the customer's experience. Read... Read More

Customer Self Service: The Future is Now

Gearing customer service towards the next generation of customers has given some businesses a head start on tomorrow's marketplace. This doesn't mean that businesses are to forget about today's market and current customers. But the ability to anticipate what customers are going to want tomorrow gives businesses an edge on the competition. So what does... Read More

Inspire Loyalty and Save Money with Great Customer Self Service

The internet, interactive voice response (IVR) systems and mobile apps have made self service a more efficient and cost effective option for many companies. Consider this. On average, it only costs a company $1 when a customer self serves as opposed to $10 for email service and $33 for a service phone call. That is... Read More

4 Requirements for Customer Self-Service Technology

Customer self-service capabilities provide your customers with the ability to get immediate service on their own, 24 hours a day, without picking up the phone. This has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, one of the toughest challenges small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face is convincing the guy with the checkbook to... Read More

Customer Self Service Goes Mobile

One of the big trends throughout 2012 in technology was the explosion of smartphones and tablets. These smaller devices allow consumers to access the internet from anywhere. Cutting edge companies are taking advantage of this surge to provide mobile apps that allow for customer self service. Helping the customer self serve improves productivity as well... Read More

Customer Self Service – All the Right Options

Today's customers have more technology available to them than ever before and expect to be able to access information quickly. This is why more and more businesses are turning to customer self service portals and why more and more customers are coming to expect a self-service option. Read More

Serve the Customer, Not the Channel

As new communication channels have emerged, customers’ entry and exit points into your organization have become more difficult to predict. Resolving customers’ issues at first-touch—in a consistent manner across multiple channels—can be an exhausting dilemma if the services and resolutions offered to customers are not the same on every channel. Read More