Customers Want a Conversation

I just saw where Spencer Dean (@SpenceDean) of inContact (@inContact) posted “Do you collaborate with your customers?” on LinkedIn and referenced an article by Brandon Evans (@brandone) of CrowdTap (@Crowdtap). The article is entitled “Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want A Conversation” and I think it’s great. Read More

Financial Services Customer Engagement Means Customer Empowerment

Whether checking balances, transferring funds or paying bills, customers want to be able to access accounts any time of day, from anywhere, without relying on customer service call centers. Offering multiple channels through which customers can make inquiries and conduct transactions enhances self-service, and saves both the company and the customer time. Read More

Listening to the Voice of the Customer speaks volumes in ROI

As the economy begins improving, you are probably seeking tools to solidify your customer base and reach out for new business. Your existing resources in doing all that are most likely the usual eclectic mix of experienced people, backed up by an array of computer hardware and software that runs everything. In all those parts,... Read More

The Voice of the Customer is Clear: It’s Our Way or the Highway

Acting on change is hard, especially with entrenched business processes. Change is not something that comes easily to companies large enough to have significant investments in CRM, ERP, or other Enterprise-class platforms that are intended to enable superior customer experience. But USAN’s Customer Engagement platform uniquely enables this kind of rapid change in a significantly... Read More

How do I do “customer experience?”

Improving customer engagement means making your customer's perception of their interactions more positive—more likely to result in increased revenue, membership, market share, or whatever you're chasing. Start with your current bottom line metrics. You have to know where are you before you can tell what direction you're moving. This is key to any customer experience... Read More

Affordable Care Act Focuses on Healthcare Customer Engagement

In the healthcare sector, customers are far less forgiving of negative experience than they are with the retail, banking, and utilities sectors. The implications of this reality coinciding with upcoming changes to reimbursements should not alarm healthcare service providers. That is, healthcare service providers with a well integrated customer engagement strategy. Read More

Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

Advances in technology along with consumers who expect better service and clearer communications are driving utilities to enhance and improve their customer engagement practices. And utilities are beginning to understand and capitalize on the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric approach in their processes. Read More

Customer Experience: Lost in the Information Shuffle

What if you had a choice between five or six companies that provide a particular product or service, but one company stood out because they truly knew you and treated you like an old friend, where you can pick up a conversation from a few weeks or even a month ago, as if no time... Read More

The Customer Lifecycle: Discover, Explore, Commit, Engage

Managing the customer life cycle today means service providers must manage customer relationships through a variety of touch points. But just establishing a presence in a channel is not enough: the quality of the interaction must be frictionless and satisfying to the end user. Read this article to learn more about Forrester research's thoughts on... Read More

Healthcare Customer Engagement Benefits from Framework

Research shows that patients who understand and take action with regard to their own health and healthcare decisions, have better health outcomes and may even have lower healthcare costs. Thus, it is imperative that healthcare providers embrace patient engagement. Read this article to learn about a new guide from the National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) that... Read More

A Dire Need for Customer Engagement in Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions came in last in the business industry category for consumer trust according to the Edleman Trust Barometer. Read this article to see why financial institutions struggle with engagement and discover one new method of improving customer engagement for financial consumers. Read More

Reduced Hospital Re-admits Achieved with Customer Experience Management

The crackdown on re-admissions is at the center of the Affordable Care Act’s effort to erase unnecessary care and slow Medicare’s spending. Customer experience management could be a crucial aspect to your hospital's bottom line. Read this article to learn more about how customer engagement for healthcare providers can improve the patient experience and drive... Read More

2013 will be the year of Total Customer Engagement

2013 will be the year of Total Customer Engagement. Companies should refresh their way of thinking about customer engagement and put the customer at the center of their efforts. This article by Felix Velarde makes very interesting points about how companies can achieve the sea-change in thinking. Read More

Skills-Based Routing Leads To Effective Customer Engagement

Improvement of the customer service experience is a never-ending challenge in today's call centers. Due to the increased number of agents and the handling of a wider variety of calls in multiple languages and support areas, customer engagement is often compromised. This leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment in overall service. However, one concept that can... Read More

Successful Organizations Build a Customer Engagement Culture

In the era of the customer, where they expect to get what they want on their terms and timeline, companies are becoming engagement-focused to avoid customer churn. This article references research from Forrester about the habits of customer-focused companies as well as an article from Chief Learning Officer magazine. Read More

Customer Engagement = Building Meaningful Relationships

Customer engagement must embrace all customers – internal and external – to be successful.Build solid relationships with customers and employees by developing and executing strategies to engage them both. Customer Engagement will help generate meaningful relationships that establish trust and promote loyalty. Read More