Good first impressions: How customer experience impacts customer loyalty

Positive customer experience leads to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty leads to increased company profits and growth. Simple. What's not so simple is figuring out how to affordably improve customer experience. You also don't want to invest in new products that don't integrate into your current customer service strategies. Read this article to learn more. Read More

Why Your Business Needs A Customer Engagement Strategy

A customer engagement strategy is about more than bells and whistles. It's about creating an interaction between your brand and your customers. This increased interaction allows your business to become more than a product or service; it becomes a part of your customer's social channels, their peer groups and your brand will get integrated into... Read More

Becoming Channel Agnostic in the Mobile Age

Smartphone use is growing at an astonishing rate of 45% year over year. Nearly half a billion people will connect to the cloud from a mobile device this year. So what does that mean for the companies that are doing business with, hoping to do business with, or providing service in some way to these... Read More

Serve the Customer, Not the Channel

As new communication channels have emerged, customers’ entry and exit points into your organization have become more difficult to predict. Resolving customers’ issues at first-touch—in a consistent manner across multiple channels—can be an exhausting dilemma if the services and resolutions offered to customers are not the same on every channel. Read More

Five Tenets of Improving the Customer Experience

This article presents five simple principles of customer service improvement that companies must adhere to to achieve success in today's highly competitive marketplace. With references to articles from industry associations and publications, this is one article you should re-read from time to time to keep your customer service objectives in sight. Read More