Building a Business Case for Omni-Channel Solutions

More than 70% of businesses indicate that increasing importance is being placed on customer service. These companies are pursuing Omnichannel customer engagement technology to provide the seamless experience today’s digital consumer demands. Watch this video for insight on the omni-channel opportunity, potential pitfalls and recommendations for success.

Omni-Channel Products

Metaphor Engage

The Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Platform.

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Metaphor IVR+

The Omni-Channel Interactive Voice Response Platform.

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Metaphor Contact

The Omni-Channel Call Center Platform.

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Teleopti WFM

Call Center Workforce Management Solution.

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Industry Solutions


Omni-channel solutions for Healthcare.

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Financial Services

Omni-channel solutions for Financial Services.

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Omni-channel solutions for Retail.

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Omni-channel solutions for Insurance.

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Omni-channel solutions for Utilities.

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Omni-channel solutions for Telecom.

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Omni-channel solutions for Logistics.

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It's time to create your Omni-Channel customer engagement solution.

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