The Insurance Omni-channel

Metaphor Engage is that simple platform. It integrates your existing channels, systems, and processes (no rip and replace required). It also analyzes the data generated by those channels for smarter planning and forecasting. Fully hosted in the USAN Cloud, Metaphor Engage is implemented at the lowest cost, and without the demands on internal budget and resources of an on-premise system.

Metaphor Engage Features

Integrates communications channels

Deliver the information customers need, on the channel they want to use.

Works with your existing systems

Connect all your existing systems without updates, upgrades or replacement.

High performance infrastructure

Ensure uninterrupted network and data access, dynamic business rules, and multitasking under the heaviest loads.

Enhanced security

End-to-end encryption and regulatory compliance ensure you’re always fully secure and fully compliant.

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“Government regulations state that we cannot contact beneficiaries without them initiating the call first, so it is imperative that we have a system that allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to inquiries. USAN’s solution has really enabled us to touch more lives with our products. And, because we have the ability to respond much more efficiently to our prospects and customers, it allows us to address each person’s unique needs and really treat them as an individual.”

Brian Mullaney SVP Customer Contact Center, The SCOOTER Store