Metaphor Contact Center Overview Video

Watch this video to learn how USAN’s Metaphor Contact Center makes it easy to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while lowering total cost of ownership with the industry’s most secure, reliable and flexible cloud contact center solution.

How Metaphor Contact Center delivers a better customer experience

Metaphor Contact Center is a cloud-based omni-channel solution that centralizes contact options within one platform. Metaphor’s powerful agent desktop makes agents better informed and more empowered while focusing on service as they interact with customers across voice, email, chat, SMS and social channels. Additionally, contact center managers and executives have the ability to monitor from the customer journey down to the seconds between IVR choices using powerful analytics to drive optimization decisions. All of this is offered in our Standard, HIPAA, and PCI attested deployment environments to meet the growing demand for securing all business critical information.

How Metaphor Contact Center delivers a better customer experience

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Metaphor Contact Center Product Modules

Automatic Call Distributor - ACD

The Metaphor Contact Center ACD system provides sophisticated inbound automatic call distribution routing capabilities based on skills, context and other parameters.

Predictive Dialer

The outbound predictive dialer determines the optimal pacing for outbound calls, manages call scheduling, external data sources, and dynamic filtering, as well as Do Not Call and other compliance requirements.

Interaction Recording

The Interaction Recording module allows for call, interaction, and screen recording, search and playback for quality assurance purposes.

Quality Monitoring

The Quality Monitoring module allows you to monitor the voice and screen of an agent call in progress. The module also offers a scorecard tool to grade and track agent performance.

List and Campaign Optimization

Advanced list and campaign optimization tools enable you to easily develop, deploy and analyze sophisticated contact strategies across single or multiple supporting platforms.

Unified Agent Desktop

A single portal containing all of the agent tools, media handling, screen pop, customer summary, agent performance/break, and in-house knowledge in a context aware and highly usable framework.

Interactive Voice Response

Essential IVR capabilities support menu-driven routing with CTI screen pop, basic customer self-service, and voice directed speech, all with an easy-to-use provisioning tool.

Metaphor Contact Center In Action

An unconventional approach to Customer Authentication

When Accelovance was commissioned to conduct patient surveillance for a clinical research study, there was no room for error with their contact center platform. Agents needed immediate and reliable access to data critical for the subjects’ care. Learn how USAN delivered a completely custom solution to meet their very stringent requirements.