Metaphor Workforce Explainer

A Workforce Management solution can have a profound impact on all areas of customer service – from long-term planning and intraday management to follow-up and performance management. Whether you are managing a contact center or the complete enterprise (including back-office, branches, and stores), Metaphor Workforce is the solution.


How Metaphor Workforce delivers a better customer experience

Metaphor Workforce enables your business to achieve continuous improvement in customer service, employee satisfaction, and operational excellence. Our WFM platform provides a solution for the vital processes involved in customer service including forecasting, scheduling, preference and request handling, communication, intraday management, reporting and performance management.

How Metaphor Workforce delivers a better customer experience

Key Capabilities

Better Forecasting & Scheduling

Better Forecasting & Scheduling

Easy-to-use wizards make forecasting simple. And powerful tools use business rules, agent preferences and more to build optimal schedules.

More Empowered Agents

More Empowered Agents

Metaphor Workforce enables your agents to modify schedule preferences, communicate with the team, trade shifts, track performance and more.

Better Performance Management

Better Performance Management

Metaphor Workforce offers an extensive reporting package with pre-built standard reports, scorecards and dashboards. Or easily build your own with drag & drop tools.

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Metaphor Workforce Product Modules

WFM Forecasting Module

Whether you want to know what staffing level is needed over the next few hours, days, weeks or even next year, the forecasting tool has the answer.

WFM Scheduling

Scheduling a multi-site, multi-skill and multichannel contact center can be very complex, but with Metaphor Workforce, everything you need is at your fingertips.

WFM Agent Lifestyle Scheduling Module

Lifestyle lets agents make schedule requests, send messages and track performance – at work, home or on the run – to keep them happy and your center humming.

WFM Intraday Management Module

Metaphor Workforce’s Intraday module includes all the tools you’ll need to proactively monitor and respond in real time, all from the same user friendly interface.

WFM Reporting & Performance Management Module

Get access to standard reports for the most common contact center needs. But for more complex reporting needs, even non-technical users can create customized reports, pivot charts and tables with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Metaphor Workforce in Action

WFM offers both Bark and Bite for Allianz Animal Health

Workforce Management helped Allianz Animal Health lower attrition in their contact center by 15 percent. “The major force behind our improvements is forecasting. It’s very accurate. We use our resources more efficiently now: we have enough agents, the right skills when we need them, and we can avoid unnecessary overstaffing” said Guy Whittaker, Telephony Analyst at Animal Health.