Visual IVR for Amazon Connect Video Overview

Learn how USAN’s Visual IVR for Amazon Connect offers your customers mobile web self-service options.

Visual IVR for Amazon Connect Logical Communications Flow

Visual IVR for Amazon Connect Logical Communications Flow


  • Offers the customer a mobile web and SMS option for complex data collection and presentation
  • Collaborative solution allows voice prompts to guide the users through the graphical process
  • Seamless integration to Amazon Connect extends IVR functionality


  • Improved Customer Experience – provides convenient support with an improved way to navigate phone support options.
  • Increased Call Containment – richer interaction capabilities and improved usability means customers will enjoy the self-service experience and will  “zero out” to an agent much less frequently.
  • Easy deployment and integration using Amazon standard tools.

Visual IVR for Amazon Connect In Action

Financial Services Institution Simplifies Mobile Self-Service with Visual IVR

A top 10 global bank developed over 40 separate self-serve applications across a multi-decade relationship with USAN. Utilizing voice self-service best practices, USAN and the bank were able to achieve containment rates ranging from 45-89%. However, in a continuous improvement initiative, the bank wanted to boost its self-service numbers further, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.