Who Should Drive the Omnichannel Initiative: BP or IT?

Often, when moving to a new technology model—such as the omnichannel—a conflict can appear between IT and Business Process Management. We’re involved right now in a significant omnichannel initiative that’s found the right balance between the two. We share some of that story here. Read More

Go read up on Customer Experience Ecosystem Mapping

As a panelist at ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference, Ian Hunter spoke about channel agnostic business processes that enhance the customer experience. He explores the theme in greater detail here, and refers to some useful reading material from Forrester analyst Paul Hagen. Read More

How to Provide Customer Service in Social Media Channels

Convinced social media servicing is an important initiative, customer experience management professionals are now looking for an answer to the question "How do I provide customer service in social media channels?" This article provides advice for companies looking for software to enable social media servicing. Read More

Customer Experience: Lost in the Information Shuffle

What if you had a choice between five or six companies that provide a particular product or service, but one company stood out because they truly knew you and treated you like an old friend, where you can pick up a conversation from a few weeks or even a month ago, as if no time... Read More