Improving the Customer Experience With Preferences

Customer preferences are becoming increasingly vital in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers prefer one channel for a certain type of interaction and other channels for different activities. Read this article to learn more about the value of customer preferences in driving loyalty and satisfaction. Read More

Smart Grid 2.0 Requires Utilities to Improve Customer Engagement

As utilities seek to update the smart grid to meet the demands of our digital economy there is an increased need for utility companies to improve customer engagement. Getting customers more engaged with their electricity usage can be a challenge, but some companies are finding success. USAN offers customer engagement solutions that contribute to this... Read More

How do I do “customer experience?”

Improving customer engagement means making your customer's perception of their interactions more positive—more likely to result in increased revenue, membership, market share, or whatever you're chasing. Start with your current bottom line metrics. You have to know where are you before you can tell what direction you're moving. This is key to any customer experience... Read More

Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

Advances in technology along with consumers who expect better service and clearer communications are driving utilities to enhance and improve their customer engagement practices. And utilities are beginning to understand and capitalize on the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric approach in their processes. Read More

Customer Experience: Lost in the Information Shuffle

What if you had a choice between five or six companies that provide a particular product or service, but one company stood out because they truly knew you and treated you like an old friend, where you can pick up a conversation from a few weeks or even a month ago, as if no time... Read More

Reduced Hospital Re-admits Achieved with Customer Experience Management

The crackdown on re-admissions is at the center of the Affordable Care Act’s effort to erase unnecessary care and slow Medicare’s spending. Customer experience management could be a crucial aspect to your hospital's bottom line. Read this article to learn more about how customer engagement for healthcare providers can improve the patient experience and drive... Read More

Skills-Based Routing Leads To Effective Customer Engagement

Improvement of the customer service experience is a never-ending challenge in today's call centers. Due to the increased number of agents and the handling of a wider variety of calls in multiple languages and support areas, customer engagement is often compromised. This leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment in overall service. However, one concept that can... Read More

Successful Organizations Build a Customer Engagement Culture

In the era of the customer, where they expect to get what they want on their terms and timeline, companies are becoming engagement-focused to avoid customer churn. This article references research from Forrester about the habits of customer-focused companies as well as an article from Chief Learning Officer magazine. Read More

Good first impressions: How customer experience impacts customer loyalty

Positive customer experience leads to customer loyalty. Customer loyalty leads to increased company profits and growth. Simple. What's not so simple is figuring out how to affordably improve customer experience. You also don't want to invest in new products that don't integrate into your current customer service strategies. Read this article to learn more. Read More

Five Tenets of Improving the Customer Experience

This article presents five simple principles of customer service improvement that companies must adhere to to achieve success in today's highly competitive marketplace. With references to articles from industry associations and publications, this is one article you should re-read from time to time to keep your customer service objectives in sight. Read More

Bad IVR experiences lose customers

IVR can be a great tool for companies in decreasing customer wait time and increasing customer satisfaction, but a nationwide poll found that more than 8 in 10 respondents said that companies will lose their business after a bad IVR experience. Find out how to avoid chasing off customers with your IVR. Read More