Extreme Engagement: USAN and ICMI Study Omni-Channel Service

What percentage of contact centers has a customer experience program? How will omni-channel impact live agent interaction? How will it impact first call resolution? These questions, and nearly 60 others, were explored by ICMI in a 30-page, USAN sponsored research report titled Extreme Engagement in the Multi-channel Contact Center. Learn more about it, and download... Read More

How Many Hoops Did You Jump Through Today?

When people talk about creating an omnichannel, they often talk about eliminating silos. As well they should, since it’s a major benefit of the omnichannel. But I thought I’d talk today about eliminating something else—all the hoops those silos make you and your customers jump through. And there are lots of hoops—even for a simple... Read More

Turning Over the Agent Turnover Rate

High annual agent turnover is a huge hit to any call center operation. All the costs of bringing agents up to full productivity are basically wasted if you can’t retain them. Successfully conquering turnover requires a multi-discipline approach—one that’s often just too hard to do without a smart Workforce Management System supporting the cause. Read More

Building Rome. Eating Elephants. Omni-Channel.

When it comes to implementing technologies, or finding new ways to connect technologies, taking a bite-at-a-time is the predominant best practice—for a lot of reasons. But here’s the question people often struggle with. Which bite do I take first? Your customers will tell you by their behavior, and this article helps you analyze the most... Read More

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel—the Distinction is Clear

Search for “Omni-Channel vs. multichannel” and there are a lot of explanations as to what the difference is between them. Some are spot on; others are dense and circuitous and brimming with jargon—and not close to hitting the mark. This article distinguishes between the two and explains why the distinction is important. Read More

The Key to Big Data Success in an Omnichannel Contact Center

It’s easy to get caught up in the opportunities made possible by big data in the contact center. The information customers provide both explicitly and implicitly about their preferences and intentions can lead to valuable insights that improve how you engage with them. Once you start thinking outside the box, it seems there is no... Read More

Go read up on Customer Experience Ecosystem Mapping

As a panelist at ICMI Call Center Demo and Conference, Ian Hunter spoke about channel agnostic business processes that enhance the customer experience. He explores the theme in greater detail here, and refers to some useful reading material from Forrester analyst Paul Hagen. Read More

Multi-channel customer self-service is the ultimate shopping cart

Empowering customers to help themselves, and deflecting routine customer transactions from your busy call center staff is the obvious result of implementing customer self-service applications. But making this happen across channels is the key, and requires more than just willingness to improve the customer experience. Read this article to get ideas how multi-channel customer self-service... Read More

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels

How do successful companies provide a seamless experience for their customers across channels? With so many new communications channels and technology options - this is a more difficult proposition than ever before. Read this article to learn why a seamless experience can be a challenge to achieve, and to learn about USAN's solution for amazing... Read More

Becoming Channel Agnostic in the Mobile Age

Smartphone use is growing at an astonishing rate of 45% year over year. Nearly half a billion people will connect to the cloud from a mobile device this year. So what does that mean for the companies that are doing business with, hoping to do business with, or providing service in some way to these... Read More

Serve the Customer, Not the Channel

As new communication channels have emerged, customers’ entry and exit points into your organization have become more difficult to predict. Resolving customers’ issues at first-touch—in a consistent manner across multiple channels—can be an exhausting dilemma if the services and resolutions offered to customers are not the same on every channel. Read More

Next Generation Contact Centers: Getting Social Right

Social media holds enormous potential, but the sheer volume of information along with customers’ higher expectations means that there are huge pitfalls ahead for companies that make social media mistakes. Next generation contact centers can help your company get social right. Read More