How do you measure risk in your contact center?

Customer data is the lifeblood of the contact center. Your ability to deliver seamless customer experiences across multiple channels depends on it. Unfortunately, where there is data there is also security risk. The question is how do you handle that risk to reduce your company’s liability while enabling your agents to deliver the service customers... Read More

How to Reduce PCI Scope in the Customer Service Center

Customer service centers don’t have much of an option when it comes to whether or not they handle financial transactions. Customers expect to be able to make a payment or complete a purchase when they call your company, and if they can’t, they’ll take their business elsewhere. The one thing customer service centers can do... Read More

The Value of Managed IVR vs DIY IVR

When does it make sense to consider letting a Managed Services organization handle your IVR? The answer lies in your own organization. Do you have the right amount of people, equipment and other resources you’ll need to maintain a first-quality system? Read More

Threats to Cloud Call Center Security

How does a call center technology provider ensure data security and privacy? Read this article to discover the top threats facing cloud call centers and what to expect from a vendor's security and compliance practices. Read More