Gamification Badges of Honor

When you set up your gamification program, don’t focus on results. Focus on the process of call handling that leads to great results. That’s what you want to reward, and that’s how you help agents work better, not harder. Read More

Graduating to Workforce Management

Making the move from your spreadsheet to a real workforce management system is a process—kind of like moving through high school and graduating to college. Your understanding of the systems available, of what other companies are doing, and of your own business needs evolves. Along with that come the realization that the spreadsheet just can’t... Read More

Top Five Benefits of WFM: A Review

Workforce management drives business value across the call center—it reaches well beyond “just” the schedule. A great WFM will provide you the tools to reduce attrition and turnover, improve productivity, lower absenteeism, and more. In other words, you look for its real business benefit in your improved bottom line. Read More

Turning Over the Agent Turnover Rate

High annual agent turnover is a huge hit to any call center operation. All the costs of bringing agents up to full productivity are basically wasted if you can’t retain them. Successfully conquering turnover requires a multi-discipline approach—one that’s often just too hard to do without a smart Workforce Management System supporting the cause. Read More