Utilities Customer Engagement: Still Many Challenges Ahead

Some utilities are improving customer engagement, but the number is surprisingly small. According to some surveys, only 9% of utilities have a clear view of the customers they service. How can you have great customer engagement if you don't understand customer expectations? Read this article to find answers that will help improve engagements with utilities... Read More

Smart Grid 2.0 Requires Utilities to Improve Customer Engagement

As utilities seek to update the smart grid to meet the demands of our digital economy there is an increased need for utility companies to improve customer engagement. Getting customers more engaged with their electricity usage can be a challenge, but some companies are finding success. USAN offers customer engagement solutions that contribute to this... Read More

Customer Engagement, a Must for Utilities

Advances in technology along with consumers who expect better service and clearer communications are driving utilities to enhance and improve their customer engagement practices. And utilities are beginning to understand and capitalize on the benefits of adopting a more customer-centric approach in their processes. Read More