Metaphor Workforce Gamification: Simple as Child’s Play

There’s often resistance to deploying any new data-driven application. The anxiety is that there will be headaches and trauma associated with it. All the data mapping and validation and custom field development and so on. And while call center management is willing to endure that in order to create core WFM capabilities, they get a... Read More

Workforce Management, It’s a Family Affair

There is always a base stream of contact volume coming in to the Contact Center. Most of the volume is however driven by factors in other parts of the business. The WFM team must be fed with relevant information about expected outside call drivers and the process must be set up to enable them to... Read More

Badges and Ribbons Encourage a Motivated Agent Workforce

I want to take a moment to talk about something that concerns some people who are bringing Gamification—or considering it—into their call center workforce management. Badges. Ribbons. Medals. Those little icons on an agent’s portal that say “good job,” or “great job” or even “need improvement.” Some people think that, as a reward, they’re too... Read More

WFM Cloud Benefits Revealed

Today, the Cloud has matured, and the shape it’s finally taken is not exactly the same as the early hype. In this respect it’s not unlike how the web evolved. Remember the Big Phrase for the early, wide-eyed-wonder days of the web: “the level playing field”? It looked like that didn’t it? Everyone could put... Read More

Rich and useful reporting is a must for a WFM solution.

Rich and useful reporting is a must for a Workforce Management solution. The key phrase is “rich and useful.” Every WFM vendor provides some kind of reporting module, but they’re not all created equal—not all of them are either rich or useful. One of the reasons for weak reporting modules is the raw economics of... Read More